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business grew, as did the family.  Today, the Lowy's operate all across the Country and are agents of Wheaton Worldwide. Lowy's has handled residential, commercial and office locations on local, interstate, and international levels.

​Stephan Lowy, CEO and 3rd Generation, joined us as we took a short drive... just a few blocks away to their other location and depot where the trucks are dispatched.  On the drive over, the conversation continued about how the business has grown with a strong sense of honesty and dependability, commitment to families, the local communities, and the needs that are uncovered.  Stephan then said... "we have to help people."  So simple, yet so powerfully stated.

The Company is very charitable and supports numerous Community initiatives.  In 2009, Adam Lowy, after returning from College and with a degree in Marketing, got involved in the business in a whole new and awesome way!  When they were moving families, it was typical for the families to throw away the food they had remaining in their homes. Adam suggested they ask people if they wanted to "donate the food?"  And in a month after asking that simple question...  Lowy's Moving Services collected 300 lbs of food which they would bring to the local food banks. 'Move For Hunger' was launched!  Adam quickly learned how many families in our Communities go without food.  He realized that "you can't fix a problem unless you know it exists."  So, within the Move For Hunger effort, awareness and education is part of the message that is shared with the moving family as they donate their food items.  Today, Move For Hunger has 600 participating movers across the United States and parts of Canada.  Today, more than 4,000 realtors across the Country are choosing "socially responsible moving companies" for their clients.  And, today, Move For Hunger, operating with a mighty team of six at Headquarters in Neptune, NJ, along with the efforts of movers across the U.S. and Canada, and the generosity and support of the Communities and volunteer participation, has delivered "3.5 million meals to local food banks across North America."

There are many ways to get involved with Move For Hunger including "holding a fundraiser, starting a food drive, interning, volunteering, donating."  Adam is very excited about an upcoming event and wanted us to tell you all about it...  On Saturday, September 13, teams of 10 will square off in the first annual Move For Hunger Truck Pull @ The Headliner in Neptune, NJ.  Everyone is invited to support the cause and join in on the fun!   The teams will be pulling two 18-foot trucks in a timed, bracket-style competition.  Participants will be testing their strength, pulling for hunger and fundraising in this friendly competition.  This fun day includes prizes, awards, vendors, as well as drink and food specials. Interested in sponsoring a team? Email for details!

What a great visit to Lowy Moving Services and Move For Hunger!  Click on logo for Website

Spotlight On! August takes us up to Monmouth County to meet some members of the Lowy Family and the team of Lowy's Moving Service & Move For Hunger in Neptune Township, NJ.

We first met Adam Lowy, 4th Generation, as he proudly told the story of his Great Grandfather, Charles Lowy, who started the Company in 1924 with one truck and helping families move their lives to their new homes.  Over these 90 years, the