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Select Photographs by: RDM Photography

Thank you so much!  All of you...  who are visiting the website and local business promotions, sharing events and following the Facebook page with your likes, comments, posts and shares.  We've got lots of work to do for you all. Stay tuned! has a mobile site and is optimized to smart phones and tablets; so, you can conveniently access the features and content on the site and visit our local businesses.  Cool stuff!

Wishing you all a super special Holiday Season and a blissful, prosperous, healthy, fun, bright, loving, energetic, humble, silly, terrific, grateful and happy... VERY Happy New Year! ~Diane

left.  I wrote the words "We Live Here!" in the sand as we chatted... and took a cell phone photo.  We talked about how awesome our Jersey Shore is... with beautiful beaches, rolling farmlands just minutes away, historic treasures, award-winning restaurants, saltwater taffy!  And so much great history and things to see and do. And just feeling really grateful that we live here.  From a thought that kept on grabbing at my heart and a photo of words in the sand, a few months later, I created a fan page on Facebook.  It was a simple page that started to grow with shared events, stunning photography, promoting our local businesses, and other fun stuff.  Ideas were flowing and there was so much more to do...  a website was in the works.  It needed a name that brought more passion... because, it's not just about living here. was started!  And at the very heart of it all is our Communities...  All of us who live, work, volunteer, play and vacation here.  Sandy happened and gave it an even more profound mission and focus on the people and businesses...  the generous nature, commitment, and love for our towns here.

​We really do love life here!  Facebook let us change the name... and that happened right on Memorial Day.  Then it was... "let's do this!" With a business plan and copyright in place, we launched July 4th weekend. There's still lots of work going on behind the scenes as more of the features are built out, etc.  And in the meantime, you can enjoy some of the fresh content that keeps you up to date on events in each county, meet interesting people in this Spotlight On! feature, and browse through the 'Scenes by the Shore' Gallery.  We're currently adding Gallery 'rooms' to showcase works from more local area photographers.  There are hyperlinks for each of the Artists where you can connect to their pages and contact them directly for more information and to purchase their works.

Today, with the website and Facebook page, we are reaching between 40,000 - 45,000 people each week.  And we've experienced some spikes in the post reach at the start of this month on Facebook to more than 70,000.  That's pretty awesome!  We're continuing to welcome and help promote more local businesses, and that's super exciting!

It's December!  Wrapping up 2014 and we decided to turn the Spotlight around and onto the heart behind all of this...  a project inspired by a love for our 'real' Jersey Shore and our Communities here.  Also, working on this start-up with me is our amazing photographers, motivated interns, talented blogger/marketer, a brilliant business coach & mentor, and our always available and awesome website hosting and tech team.

Greetings Everyone!!  From Diane Costa,'s Founder and 'Chief Creative Officer' with ThinkForce Media & Consulting. I'm currently involved in so many different areas of the business and super excited about the momentum that we're creating with this new website.  And here's how it all began...

It was a warm September day in 2009, when I met a neighbor at the beach, enjoying the 'Local's Summer' here.  I was telling her, that I'm grateful to be a Jersey Girl and love, love, love the Jersey Shore... all year around.  And when I lived in Atlanta, GA and travelled with my work, I would arrange the schedules to fit in a visit here as often as possible to see my family and come back to the beach.  My heart never