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corporate world most of their career life.  And after successfully running both locations for over seven years, they had missed the Jersey Shore, where they were both born and raised.  Of course their hearts never left here; so, they decided to return home... back to the Shore... with a dream and a plan.

The Cancro's opened On Third Cafe & Coffee Company in 2014 following a total renovation; introducing an open, beautifully designed and artsy feel to the establishment.  As you walk through, you notice the coastal themed artwork and accessories.  You can also get a glimpse of the kitchen and prep area as you look toward the back and will most likely catch a friendly wave from Chef Angela Moeller as you enter the Cafe.  Chef Angela brings her 30 years of culinary experience including teaching and restaurant/catering ownership, along with a great passion for creating amazing dishes to On Third.  Breakfast and Lunch specials are served daily.  Try the Gobbler Wrap... delish!  Angela was also telling us about her work in creating tasty gluten-free menus for their customers.

Charlie Sabba is On Third's Manager.  Born and raised at the Jersey Shore, Charlie's devotion to supporting the Community was obvious as he talked about the local hometown feel you experience here.  "A place," he said, "where you can hang out with friends and enjoy a coffee," or bring your laptop and get some work done using their WiFi.  He rushed out a few times during our visit to deliver lunch to local merchants...  making it super convenient for those who were operating solo that day and unable to leave their shops.  Total devotion!

Our visit extended into lunchtime and as we sat at the coffee bar, it was a treat to listen in as guests were greeted and welcomed to their tables.  At one point, we heard a customer say "this is cool" as he walked in the door and noticed the beachy decor.  Lorraine continued with our talk, their vision for On Third, and how they want it to become a place to not only enjoy a cup of coffee, but a special place to create memories for families and next generations to come. She beamed as she told us about their recent opportunity to host a post-wedding brunch for a local couple.  Lorraine, Paul, and their talented and devoted staff have created a local, hometown feel here...  promoting Community efforts and making it truly a special place to relax, share a great meal, fun memories, and a great cup of coffee.

​Coming in April... an exciting dinner menu too!

               On Third Cafe & Coffee Company is located @ 1300 Third Avenue, Spring Lake, NJ  732-449-4233

Savory coffee, delicious eats and a cool, beachy vibe!  Perfect ingredients to make you fall in love with On Third Cafe & Coffee Company in Spring Lake.

Owners, Paul and Lorraine Cancro have totally put their hearts into opening this local eatery and coffee shop.  You immediately get that feel when you walk in the door with warm greetings and big smiles from the staff as well.  It's February, and it's all about hearts. Perfect timing for this story.  "My heart is in everything here," Lorraine said, as we chatted about their passion for bringing locally roasted coffee and dishes with locally sourced ingredients to the Spring Lake Community.

Paul and Lorraine had moved to the South and while there, operated two quick service restaurants.  Owning a local business was something they had dreamed about, after working in the 

Photography by:  RDM Photography, Ocean Grove, NJ