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Joe Leone's is partnering with the Lakewood BlueClaws in their 'Jersey Shore "Excellence" All-Stars', a campaign celebrating a person, business, or organization who has contributed to a cause and making a remarkable difference.  Learn more about this program and much more at  Ciao, Ciao!

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​Joe continues his charitable work within our communities here.  It's just simply who he is!  You can always find him promoting other local businesses and partnering on fund raising initiatives.  And since 1999, he has been teaching boy & girl scout troops and going into area schools to teach children how to make bread.  The lessons are even more profound in the workshops in the later grades as he uses 'the science of bread making,' measuring so that each has equal amounts to teach team building.

The strongest influence and motivation in building his thriving culinary business is his strong sense of family and friends.  So humble as he spoke about opening his first store, June 2, 1997... and then 15 years later celebrating the opening of what many are recognizing today as a landmark building in Point Pleasant Beach, the beautiful new location at Richmond & Laurel Avenues opened June 2, 2012, and is

​just around the corner from Joe Leone's popular catering business building where the party menus  are created.  This June marked 17 years!

Joe has travelled around the Country and around the World and says that he "would not want to live anywhere else."  He passionately talked about the quality of life here and growing his Italian Specialty Food business... creating long lasting friendships and bonds with a dedicated staff and lifetime customers. People come from all over the Tri-State area to visit Joe Leone's.  And his name is recognizable in many charitable efforts.  Joe's strong beliefs in giving back stem again from his humbleness.  Joe believes if he and his family "have more than enough... why not share it."  He believes the "American Dream is being able to build a very good family unit and provide for his family."  "And if there is more than enough, we need to share."

October, 2012: Sandy happened! Dangerous flooding stopping just 20 feet from the Point Beach location. No damage sustained by the building.  Power was lost for 7 days.  On Day 2, they set up shop outside the store using generators and with the ingredients they had in the store, made soups and other quick meals to feed people in the area.

JULY, 2014: ON SITE WITH JOE LEONE & HIS TEAM AT THE POINT PLEASANT BEACH LOCATION​                                                                                  Photos by: MAC Photography, Long Branch NJ

When you say "bread," Joe's face lights up!  It's how it all started...  as a young boy, he loved making bread and eating bread.  When you think of the expression, 'breaking bread,' it brings to mind, time with family, good friends, good food.  That's the culture Joe was raised in.

His grandparents are from Italy, came to the U.S. through Ellis Island in 1934 - Joe is 2nd generation "American-Italian" as he refers to his heritage.  Moving from Hoboken, 20 years ago, he settled here at the Jersey Shore, attended Culinary School and worked in an Italian restaurant in Little Silver.