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​Robbie Nelson,  Pro Surf Coaches'  CEO & Surfing Australia Level 2 Certified Instructor, shares the same passion and commitment to surfing and giving back to the community. Nelson operates his training and coaching sessions on the East & West Coasts.  Opening his CA surf school in 1999. Born and raised in NJ, he returned to the East Coast to help with family and works out of his Long Branch location, with clients on the Long Island and Jersey Shores.  We met in Long Branch before he left for a recent working trip to California. Focus is on intermediate level.  Working with more than 60 boards.  All ordered from local shapers. "They

know!" He said, as he talked more about promoting locally and ensuring the surfer is working with the "right board." Nelson volunteers with different groups including "Life Rolls On Foundation." And has a new venture in the works that will bring surfing to a whole new group.  We'll be hearing more about this awesome project in the near future! He says his life is "really blessed."  "I get to do what I love to do, travel, and hang out with my heroes."

Surfing is more than a sport.  It's about Community!!

NJ Surf Show is located at 140 Main Street in Manasquan and 701 Grand Central Avenue in Lavallette.  Click here to follow them on facebook.  Visit the website for store hours, events and more info!  

​It was an awesome day of learning and inspiration.  The history of surfing at the Jersey Shore and what surfing is here today.  And...  in the proud hometown of the Manasquan High Surf Team State Champs!

NJ Surf Show, in addition to a local retail outlet, operates as an event and marketing firm representing all local, independent brands, shapers, and artists.  Kris Kopsaftis and his team are also involved in running and participating in special events throughout the year.  A recent event was organized to help raise funds for local surfing sisters... the 'K Twins,' who will be competing on the WQS Tour.  Community!

Kopsaftis had the formula down for doing special events.  And there were opportunities to do a whole lot more. Already skilled at t-shirt designs and promotions, he launched a baby clothes brand and saw an opening to set up a retail shop to provide local brands of clothing, boards, and artwork.  You won't find 'pop-outs' here.  And will leave knowing you are 'on the right board.'  Today, NJ Surf Show has two locations:  Lavallette and the newly opened shop in Manasquan. "Manasquan is a model for surfing on the East Coast." says Kopsaftis.

And Mr. Lear agreed.  Cecil Lear, a NJ Surf Legend and wonderful storyteller with a wonderful story to tell. We could have stayed and listened for hours as he talked about the history of surfing at the Jersey Shore and the serendipitous events in his own life that led to forming the Jersey Surfing Association in 1963, with a group of his lifeguard buddies. And eventually, because of corporate changes at his work at Bendix Semiconductor Corp., then a chance meeting, and love for surfing, Lear's life swelled into a whole new career. "Surfing changed my whole career," he said. 

Lear served as President of East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame and is one of the co-founders of the Eastern Surfing Association (ESA). Along with the dedication of countless volunteers, he is proud of what he helped create and what ESA has done for the surfing community on the East Coast. The ESA has become the largest amateur association in the world. He is still active in the association today.  Cecil Lear... an amazing man, so humble and so passionate about the surfing community and his opportunities to give back to surfing because it has been so good to him.

This month's Spotlight On! takes us inside a local surfing community in Monmouth County.  Hosted by NJ Surf Show owner, Kris Kopsaftis and joined by New Jersey Surf Legend, Cecil Lear, Photographer/Surfer, Mark Costa, and Robbie Nelson, CEO, Pro Surf Coaches.  Epic!

 Photos by: MAC Photography, Long Branch, NJ