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Photography by: John Norman

​that incorporates modern dance, jazz and even tap.  She looks for dancers with individuality.  The rehearsals are intense. Rehearsing 5 days per week with 45-50 performances in a season.  "Unheard of in the ballet world," Alexandria mentioned, as she continued to talk about the Ballet and how super excited they all are for the start of the Ballet's 33rd season.

The season opens Saturday, July 25th with Shakespeare's enchanted story...  'A Midsummer Night's Dream.'  The weekend will actually open with afternoon performances and an opportunity for families with children of all ages to enjoy.  The 2015/2016 season performances will be at the Claridge Hotel's Celebrity Theater with a few performances again at the Historic Strand Theatre in Lakewood, NJ.  And as an added treat for visitors and locals, the dancers can be seen on the Atlantic City Boardwalk on Wednesdays at 5 p.m., beginning July 29th.  You can find information on all of the performances, tickets, and special events on the Atlantic City Ballet's website...

BRAVO! To Miss Papa and the Atlantic City Ballet on beginning their 33rd season at home in Atlantic City!!

Atlantic City Ballet ~ Boardwalk Hall 2301 Boardwalk ~ Atlantic City, NJ 08401 ~ 609-348-7201/7202 ~

dancers.  ​​​They need to be strong like athletes and excellent in their dance.

"Dance is my life!"  You will hear this enthusiasm all throughout the Company, and from many of whom are award winning dancers and top in their countries. International celebrities from countries all over the world including the U.S., France, Latvia, Italy, Romania, Japan and Brazil.  Alexandria was telling us how these dancers are fulfilling their dream to dance in America.  And because the AC Ballet is a smaller, regional Company they get to dance more.  All dancers are classically trained on pointe with some unique choreography by Miss Papa

by International Ballerina, Phyllis Papa.  Miss Papa was approached by one of the Atlantic City casinos while she was performing in New York City to come to AC and open a Ballet Company.  Supported by an arts grant, she was given an opportunity to build a professional dance company.  The funding eventually dried up and just a few of the dancers and apprentices remained.  The small AC Ballet Company continued its work, growing again and operating as a Touring Company with performances at various venues all along the East Coast including the Claridge Hotel's Celebrity Theater, where the performances are today.​

30 years later, the AC Ballet was back in Atlantic City... back to their home with funding from The Dodge Foundation, NJ State Council on the Arts, memberships, season subsciptions, donations, and shows.  Miss Papa mentioned how bringing ballet into cities can uplift a declining economy.  "It's a known fact," she said... "location, location, location."  The expenses in operating the ballet company are quite high and need the support of all of these resources and the community.  One hand-crafted tutu alone can cost more than $1,000 and take up to 100 hours to make.  The costumes and sets are absolutely stunning!  She mentioned how audiences who come to see the ballet love it.  And that most men think they won't like the ballet until they see a performance and surprisingly enjoy it with an appreciation of the strength of these amazing

"I bet you didn't know Atlantic City has their own Ballet Company!" Something you will often hear Managing Director, Alexandria Pieroni say as she passionately talks to people about the Ballet.  Yes!  Atlantic City has it's own Ballet Company and we had the great pleasure of meeting Alexandria, along with Michael Hoebler, Development Manager and Phyllis Papa, Founding Artistic Director, during rehearsals for the opening of their 2015/2016 season.

These are exciting times for the AC Ballet as they begin their 33rd season.  The Company was founded in 1982, by