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​There's lots happening at the Zoo!  'Boo at the Zoo' is Saturday, October 18th along with several Fall Programs going on now.  And Carley says... "it doesn't matter what day it is..." Her Zoo is FREE and is open all year round.  Donations are appreciated.  And for more information please call (609) 465-5271 or click on Carley's photo for Park & Zoo hours, Education Programs, Events, & More....! 

area.  They hopped along as we walked by.  Jean explained how some of the animals have come to the Zoo because of injuries and they would not survive in the wild.  You can see how well cared for they are here.  The Gators are rescues.  A pair of Flamingos are here from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch.  Lions, and Tigers and Bears... Oh wait!  The Lions are coming here from Great Adventure and their new Habitat is opening soon!

As you see in the photos, we ventured into the 'Wetlands'... where trees are numbered and plaques along the trail explain the various species.  The trail opened up to this vast open land where Giraffes, Zebras, Bongos, Watusi and more roam. And as Jean mentioned, a treat for many children who may never get to travel to Africa to see and learn about these amazing animals in a beautiful, natural habitat.  She was telling us that the animals have "a choice to move into heated sheltered areas during the snowy, cold winter."  We continued our walk and talk back over toward the Tiger habitat.  Here, we met Rocky and his handler, Vince Sonetto.  Vince has been with the Zoo for 33 years and you could hear the passion in his voice as he talked about his work and Rocky's recent surgery and recovery.  Parks Director, Ed Runyon, joined the meeting. And we just listened in as they talked shop and discussed the pool resurfacing for the Bear, Alligator, and Otter ponds. What an awesome day!

​A super fun day at the Zoo for us and just another day at the office for Jean Whalen, Assistant Parks Director.  Jean greeted us at the Zoo Entrance with a big warm smile.  She loves her work!  And it became even more obvious as we walked and talked. Jean is involved in planning, classes, events, staffing and on days like today, hosting an interview and tour. It's a beautiful Fall day and a perfect time of year to visit.

The Zoo, accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, first opened in May, 1978 with 54 animals.  Today, the Park & Zoo is home to more than 550 inhabitants representing 250 species... occupying over 200 acres of natural wooded areas and open spaces.  Just beautiful!  As we walked along, Jean called out to some of the residents who have names and personalities. Along the trail we met, 'Carley' the Camel, 'Bacon Bits' the Pot-Bellied Pig, 'Snap' the Bison with her brand new baby brother and their parents 'Hank' and 'Henrietta.'  

Wanna be a Wallaby?  Well, here you would enjoy a spacious habitat with shelter, food, and lots of play

Photos by: RDM Photography, Ocean Grove, NJ